Membership Costs


Firstly, it should be noted that for some projects with small scopes and user bases, yearly membership can be free if the yearly report is simple enough to be verified by one of our volunteers. However, for larger projects, or projects with a lot of potential to result in discrimination against disabled individuals, there could be a lot of work involved, including arbitration and orchestrated partnerships that require constant effort to maintain. For these memberships, the fees can be significant, but the value proposition of joining the FAWI can also be great, as it is a positive selling point to be a member.

The Find A Way Initiative (FAWI) is operated by a small grassroots advocacy charity. The goal is to run this initiative as inexpensively and efficiently as possible.

Hypothetical examples:

Cost: The yearly FAWI report on the GPT can be simply analyzed by a volunteer board member. The potential impact on dyslexic individuals is significant in some ways but directly is likely small. The yearly membership for a project like this would almost certainly be free.

There is a flip side to these kinds of more advanced and expensive FAWI agreements, which is that if this measure is being taken, it certainly will add a value proposition to the product in question, which could greatly increase the value of the product. In the future, morals will be valuable, and FAWI is all about morals.

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