The Find A Way Initiative

The Find A Way Initiative:

The Find A Way initiative is intended to prevent A.I. like LLMs from being used to discriminate against people living with neurodiversity, such as individuals with learning and cognitive disabilities like dyslexia, dysgraphia and autism etc.

Are tenants are as follows:

1.  Do Not Discrimination Against People With Impairments: Artificial Intelligence, such as LLMs, should not be used as tools to discriminate or create prejudicial decisions against a individual living with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, autism, ADD, ADHD,  and many other forms of learning disability  or neurodiversity.

2. Added Privacy for the Disabledd: A learning-impaired individual, using AI in the forms of LLMs or otherwise, to treat their disability should be treated materially differently than a standard user, and should be afforded added protection appropriate to their usage in treating their disability. It is absolutely critical that data like this is not used to then train a machine that is capable of discriminating against the disabled. We should not have to give up our privacy in any way in the pursuit of treating our disability or diagnosed impairment.

3.   Not for Us Without Us: Disabled individuals, of all types, who will be affected by new technology should be able to discuss with and be consulted by developers before the technology is released to the public so that harm and community impact can be assessed and damage can be avoided or at least mitigated successfully.  

Problems and Solutions

To look at this from a problem-solution perspective, check out our FAWI Member Problem, Solutions, and Ideas page.

How to Join:

Join the Movement: be part of The Find A Way Initiative

Are you ready to be part of a transformative journey? Join a prestigious network of member organizations, developers, and companies dedicated to making a significant difference in the lives of individuals with dyslexia. As a member of the Find A Way Initiative, you pledge to uphold our three core tenets in every product you develop, ensuring accessibility and ethical use.

Step into Excellence: Annual Reporting and Recognition

Your commitment involves annual submissions of detailed reports, prepared by an impartial third party. These reports critically assess your product's alignment with our tenets and explore customer feedback for potential misuse. It's not just a compliance exercise; it's a journey towards excellence!

Member Ship Costs

Membership fees are determined based on the level of administration and analysis necessary to evaluate the submitted project. Projects that require minimal oversight may be eligible for complimentary membership, whereas others demand significant investment in terms of effort and resources. Nonetheless, obtaining membership can enhance the value proposition of products, potentially offsetting the costs involved.

For additional information, please visit our Member Ship Costs section or contact us directly.

Earn the Seal of Approval

Excel in our internal grading system and be honored with the coveted Find A Way Initiative Seal of Approval. This emblem of distinction is not just a badge; it's a testament to your dedication, allowing you to showcase your commitment in your advertising efforts. While this seal is reassessed annually, it stands as a beacon of your continuous dedication to our cause. Its something to respect that can be revoked if the member is no longer following our tents.

Collaborative Growth: Arbitration and Negotiation

We believe in growth through collaboration. Should your initial assessment not meet the standards, you enter a phase of arbitration and negotiation which can be up to 60-days in which a plan can be developed to mitigate issues or membership status is at risk. This process ensures that every member aligns with our high standards, fostering a community of trust and integrity.

Transparency and Accountability

Our commitment to transparency is unwavering. In rare instances of bad clear bad faith, we maintain the right to make public disclosures, upholding the integrity of our initiative. This rarely happens however, as most members would know to confidently leave the agreement before such a circumstance where to occur.

Be Part of a Global Mission

The Find A Way Initiative isn't just an agreement; it's a global movement. We are dedicated to creating a world where every individual with a disability, regardless of age, background, or language, finds a way to thrive. Your involvement can make a real difference.

Take the First Step: Contact Us

Considering joining us? We're eager to connect with you! Reach out to us for a conversation that could mark the beginning of a rewarding journey. Contact us here, and let's find a way together!

Tailored Membership Agreements

Upon joining, each member, whether an individual or an organization, receives a customized membership agreement, reflective of their industry role and potential impact. View a sample agreement: example document.

Current Signatories: