I Belive In You Publishing

I'm excited to share something inspiring about "I Believe in You Publishing." They've recently become a signatory of The Find A Way Initiative, a move that truly resonates with us at FDBD. It's not just about joining an initiative; it's their proactive approach that stands out. "I Believe in You Publishing" has set a remarkable example by instructing their GPT agents specifically not to be used in HR software for detecting dyslexic writing. This decision reflects a deep commitment to preventing discrimination against people with disabilities.

What's particularly impressive is how they've built their GPTs on top of OpenAI's platform, and then gave them better more ethical gardrails. Their intent? Purely to assist people with dyslexia in improving their writing. It's a heartening reminder of the power of technology when used ethically and empathetically. As a member of the FDBD community, seeing such actions in the tech world gives me hope and reinforces the belief in the positive impact of inclusive technologies.

"I Believe in You Publishing" isn't just correcting grammar or spelling; they're opening doors for people to express themselves without fear or hesitation. It's a commendable step towards a world where everyone's voice is heard and valued.

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