For Dyslexics,

 By Dyslexics

Empowering Our Voice.

For Dyslexics, By Dyslexics (FDBD) is a grassroots advocacy organization dedicated to giving a voice to individuals with dyslexia and disabilities.  We are operated by people who live with dyslexia. 

This organization stands for practical advocacy for privacy and digital dignitary. We hope to help adult individuals who suffer from dyslexia as the world rapidly changes around us.

Mission: Our mission is to create a world where dyslexia is understood, and where people with it are able to escape oppression. We aim to dismantle  barriers that dyslexics face in the workplace, and society. Our focus is on advocacy, awareness, and action.

Core Activities:  Awareness Campaigns: Through digital platforms and community events, we raise awareness about some of the lesser known issues facing and or even oppressing dyslexic individuals. Our campaigns are designed to advocate for system change, educate the public about and to celebrate the achievements of dyslexic individuals.

AdvocacyWe advocate for policy changes to improve workplace harling policy's related to  dyslexics. Our team collaborates with developers, policymakers, employers, NGO's,  political organizations and governments to promote inclusive practices.

Educational Workshops: Our workshops focus on understanding dyslexia, effective teaching methods, and creating inclusive environments.  Find out more, contact us

Research and Collaboration: We collaborate with researchers to advance the understanding of how new technology is effecting the lives of people living with dyslexia and other forms of living disability. 

Vision: We believe in fostering environments where every individual with dyslexia can thrive in equity and mutual liberation.

Join Us: "For Dyslexics, By Dyslexics" is more than an organization—it's a movement. Whether you're an individual with dyslexia,  an ally, friend, family member or employer, or an ally, your voice and your story matter. Join us -  Sign up for our Newsletter!

Announcing The Find A Way Initiative: 

Feb 5th, 2024 marks the launce of The "Find A Way" initiative, distinctively named to highlight the unique challenges and lack of straightforward solutions in addressing discrimination facilitated by AI technologies, focuses on exploring innovative methods to protect individuals with learning disabilities like dyslexia from AI-driven discrimination. This effort acknowledges the misuse of AI in non-medical diagnosis and discrimination through typing, handwriting, video, and audio analyses, exposing vulnerable groups in various communication and application processes. Despite current attempts, including the development of ethical AI models like the one by "I Believe In You" which supports dyslexic individuals without attempting diagnosis, the initiative aims to collaboratively and transparently refine and assess new approaches using evolving metrics, seeking to mitigate the risks while harnessing AI's supportive potential.

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